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Attempted entry

Posted by tim edwards on December 23, 2011, 7:28 am

Last night was our first night in LM for about a month and an attempt was made to enter our place. I awakened to see a person attempting to open our sliding glass door. I laid there for a minute or so and watched him (sexist assumption) work very diligently, trying to figure out how to quietly force a door that was locked. I was somewhat calm, due to the fact that we had an additional lock installed this past summer and I knew that it could not be forced without breaking the door. I decided to scared him off instead of waiting til he gave up and left. I turned on the light and he jumped over the rail and fled. Due to the lighting I was unable to see anything other than a shape in a dark hooded jacket.

The good new is that I don't see any evidence of him trying to force the latch. The bad news is that another small piece of what we all think of as Paradise was taken away.

To keep this in perspective, our home in CA has been burglarized twice. We now have an alarm. We lock our doors all the time. We have a dog who barks at anything unfamiliar. There is a section in our local paper that details the burglaries the previous 24 hours.

KEEP YOUR DOORS LOCKED!!!!! Remind your friends and guests to do the same.

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