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Re: Attempted entry

Posted by Larry C on December 23, 2011, 6:49 pm, in reply to "Attempted entry"

Tim, do you not have compassion for our "thief(s)"
How dare you install a quality lock at your house. In the future, please be more empathetic. A potential thief really appreciates and needs our help to assure a fast, safe, and rewarding experience. For those desiring to be more cooperative: do not waste money on good locks. Do not lock your doors, leave one ajar if possible. Do not secure your laptop. Do not hide your cellphone, camera, wallet, or jewelry out of sight. Do not install a motion detector light, save the $50. Do not have a motion detector (inside the house) that creates a loud piercing sound. Why waste $35. Do not install a safe. They are such a pain when you need valuables fast. Do not leave a car parked in a non-secure overnight spot without leaving the doors unlocked and keys accessible.

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