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Re: Observing Progress

Posted by Daniel H on November 23, 2014, 1:04 pm, in reply to "Re: Observing Progress"

"What is not a myth is that the space people take up often displaces other species through habitat loss."

That is changing.

3D printed homes

Eco Friendly Houses

"Need for more food results in intensive farming methods, contamination and overuse of fresh water".

That is changing (good links in this thread)

"Concentrations of people (300 million people in Texas) means more crime, more social problems, more restrictionsn, less freedom."

Crime is at an all time low. Understanding concepts like "hurt people hurt people" would lead us to start focusing on the source of social problems vs treating the effect.

"This is reality - not myth".

Tertullian's reality was the world was over populated with 190 million people, we now know that is a myth.

Solutions don't have to be based solely on technology they could come in a change of mind. We have been guided into a resource intensive lifestyle by those who wish to sell stuff. We could come to the conclusion that more stuff and happiness are not related and change directions completely.

Change of mind set could come about other ways as well, one example

We need to recognize scarcity thinking (how we were programmed to think),
"this is this and that is that and there is little to no room for variance".
"With current technology and current mind set this is what we expect to happen".
Those are closed statements, they limit possibilities and propagate scarcity and fear.
We certainly have been wrong in the past, in fact quite consistiently, flat earth, sun revolving around the earth (I could quote several similar examples) and more recently

Abundance thinking would focus on how the ability of people to
find solutions to problems is unlimited and our best resource.
Staying open and saying "this is what we hope will happen,this is what could happen".
Acknowledging unknown unknowns (but not in the context Rumsfeld used it).
It is like we need to have graphs on our hands and we learned how to
painstakingly paint them on. Then one day someone comes along and says
do it like this

Keep the faith.

For more put population in the search box for these subs

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