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Re: Robbed!

Posted by Jean on January 24, 2011, 8:06 pm, in reply to "Re: Robbed!"

The problem is not replacing docs from other countries,the problem is catching the muthaphuckas that took from you.
You can try to get the locals involved,neighborhood watches,but you forget where you are,here,not up north. The only way to stop it,is to catch the bastards,and throw them in the lizard lagoon,no one will miss them,the slime balls.
My belief is,that most of these robberies are inside deals. The thieves know when you are gone,and where your valuables are...
Sorry to hear you were robbed,I would be royally pissed off too.
If anyone needs a house sitter I am for hire-donation only,by the hour,day,night,week,or month.
Remember...If it ain't screwed glued or's gone

Glad you got the docs back,they probably can't read--a good thing

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