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Posted by Carol on July 6, 2008, 10:42 am, in reply to "Re: SANTANA REAL ESTATE NIGHTMARE part II"

Relying on notarios and local attorneys can also be problemmatic. For example, a French Canadian couple sold friends a condo without any paperwork. A local lawyer than charged $1500 USD to draft and have signed a 99 year lease with the wife (husband is now deceased). There is a preste nombre (the actual owner of the property) who never signed the lease, the wife has apparently not filed any of the necessary papers to inherit even the power of attorney with the preste nombre and, as I heard the story, the agreement was approved by a notario. I ran into the attorney and asked him about this, since Concessions (it was Concession property) cannot be in two names unless there is a formal condo agreement (which in this case there isn't)and I had never heard that 99 year leases were legal. The attorney told me that the documents made the couple "feel" more comfortable. What can one say after that?


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