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translation of above part 2

Posted by D on July 7, 2008, 10:51 am, in reply to "translation of above part 1"
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Translation part 2

Prison to "criminals"

-- If you have all the legal in their favour, then why the authorities have not
returned property? - It implicates the president Kanak.

- Do not dare, because they are corrupt, because there is money through,
because this mother is not there any security or guarantee. They have been there
watching the power to make its wool, there is no explanation for the
authority that manages federal zone overlaps that people will build on the
beach; precluded by law, no concessions, this concession that area to a
company is the owner of the land, they have knowledge, and attempted to
revoke the concession and the company has the same level administrative
authorities to effectively acknowledged that there is no reason to revoke, on
the contrary, they have to get hold of the federal zone it is for preservation
and adornment.

-- Hopes after so many years that this is finally resolved in his favour?

- That someday is going to have to resolve and will leave many people
affected, who are 35 or 45; yes, them for many years we have affected us,
then that is not affected say, rather, they are criminals.

-- Do these disputes between community members, farmers, fishermen or
palaperos against investors or developers tourism is something common in
the Costa Alegre?

- You saw what happened with Melaque and Barra de Navidad; reaches
people and sits them worth mother. And there are owners, but rather build
absolutely nothing happens. We believe that this country already changed or
is changing, but it is time something is done. We shall continue to insist, we
have been depleted legally everything we have, so far we have not done any
illegal act or which contravenes the law.

- They say that as you have a legal reason.

- All authorities, the highest judicial authorities in the country, the Supreme
Court of Justice of the Nation has said three times that we are right; three
times in the collegiate courts have said that we are right, the court's largest
state has said that we are right and that it had ratified the federation, the
authorities of the PGR felt that there were elements to enter, federal judges
issued an arrest warrant and these people are subject to processes and they
are going to dictate convictions and will have to spend some years in prison.


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