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translation of above part 1

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This is not great but gives an idea of what the article Sparks submitted is saying. I had to do it in two parts.

The renovation projects billionaires hotel on the Costa Alegre, arrested last
year by social pressure and a series of environmental breaches, is about to
occur shortly. Those who bid by completing wrongs on land and
environmental permits to start building, and the state government believes
that the "development" of tourism among its littoral strategic policies
according to a plan in the direction of innovation and development that
directs Herbert Taylor, began a counterattack to achieve its purposes.

Jose Maria Andres Villalobos, legal representative of the Peace Gortázar
Gonzalez Gallo, widow of Jalisco governor 1947-1953-who holds as owner
of 266 thousand square meters in Divisadero of Tenacatita as recorded in the
concession granted by the DZF-846/92 Secretary of Social Development,
reiterated that in that bay dream will be built one of the resorts of detonators
of great luxury real estate development in the region, once it achieves lay
dozens of farmers who for over 30 years settled there its beach seafood
restaurants, which began a long legal conflict that may well force still
identified as paradigm of the series of problems between locals and domestic
and foreign investors attracted by the natural beauty of Costa Jalisco, just
what they are looking for tourists High economic power or take their
vacation chalet by the sea.

"We are not discussing issues of federal zone, are property issues, is a field,
and you will get your house to some people spend 30 years and can not
draw but have resolutions and court orders. What are you going to do?
Pos're going to get the chingadazos sooner or later, but you will get, "said in
an interview the owner of the Real Estate Rodenas and president of
Guadalajara Kanak, who has tried to commercialize the field of Gonzalez
Gallo, especially with foreign investors, without success, due to the presence
of palaperos settled in the federal zone, although it has managed to send to
jail to a portion of the caller invaders.

Andres Villalobos says that this is not proprietary to Tenacatita, but a
problem all along the coast of the state and therefore "projects are in custody
of millions of dollars", among which cites Rancho San Andres, about
complex planned metres from the area of environmental protection Chamela-
Cuixmala and turtle nesting beaches, arrested last year by the Ministry of
Environment and Natural Resources (Sermanat).

"(In Tenacatita) gave the mother in the estuary, built tennis courts in the
creek, throw garbage in the creek, we have been giving in to what the
mother's environment, drainage of the houses are pulling straight to Estero.
And what makes Semarnat? Will each month and will take a petty wool to
each of those people. That's what they do federal inspectors and this area
knows what the secretary of SEMARNAT; he knows, because what we have
been denouncing, is aware and will have to meet him and the attorney for
Environment and directors of each of areas, especially in federal zone, all
these situations, because we already submitted a complaint against them, "he
says with obvious discomfort.

The draft conceptual Property Rodenas envisages three batches of hoteliers
17 thousand meters each, and the rest "super residences," something that the
employer compares with what has been done very near there, in Costa
Carey, with "two or three hotels of high standard "and a wide green stripe
lowland deciduous to the wild environment so necessary for attracting
visitors to potentates private havens.

"There have been many people who had projects and has put wool, but atthis stage
it is safer than when they are going to talk to mandar chingada because they will
not believe the state or in Mexico, there are investors…
The cruise companies were willing to invest a very substantial amount for
use as the private island. Imagine what would have represented for Jalisco
which was that corridor. Unfortunately things were not, "sighs Jose Maria
Andres Villalobos, in his office, where the bulk of the case file Tenacatita
what has always on hand in a desk drawer of his own.

Paradise for a few

The interest of the state government has been evident since he began the
current administration; Herbert Arthur Taylor's who has been directly
responsible for fostering still-unsuccessfully-to colonize the initiative with
great luxury hotels semivírgenes beaches. On 18 September, the secretary of
Tourism, Rodolfo Elizondo, and the governor Emilio Gonzalez Marquez,
conducted an overflight by the Costa Alegre to the federal official could
appreciate the natural beauty in detail.

"There is a huge potential for development throughout that part of the state,
let's see how we can encourage development through Fonatur (National
Tourism Fund), the Tourism Secretariat (Sectur), to obtain foreign and
domestic investment To have greater potential for development in the state,
"said Elizondo Torres, interviewed at the end of the event which brought
together turisteros, mayors and cabinet officials at Casa Jalisco state, the
afternoon of that day.

Barely two months earlier, in July, the secretary of the Environment and
Sustainable Development, Martha Ruth del Toro Gaytán, stated that only
the northern part of the coast of Jalisco is likely to accept high-density
tourism projects because of the Chamela toward Melaque coastline with
large areas of high ecological fragility and therefore would be undesirable to
build large complexes.

The concession brought in favor of Gonzalez Gallo settled obligations as a
monthly payment of royalties for the use and exploitation under the caveat
that could be revoked in case of non-payment of three months. According to
the delegation of Jalisco Semarnat, in response to a request for information
in August 2006, with folio 1600125806 until that moment and despite the
fact that 13 years had elapsed since the granting of the concession, "fails to
act on record attesting that the concessionaire has covered the payment of
royalties for the granting of the concession ", nor" work record depositing
bail of 10 million pesos ", who was also a requirement.

Despite the lack of payment recognized by the same Semarnat, the very unit
that supposedly is in charge of preserving the natural heritage of the country
declined in January 2002, through the Directorate General of the Federal
Zone, Maritime and Land Environments Coastal, a request for revocation of
the concession title that promoted one of the farmers who own land of
Tenacatita prior to the granting of that concession, as recorded in the dossier
53/11075 and 53/25429.

That refusal led to the official Gallo Gonzalez and Jose Maria Andres
Villalobos promote lawsuits against the ejidatarios converted into
Restauranteurs, who joined previous attempts at eviction as 1992, when
several palapas burned to drive away those who were in the area known as
El Rebalsito within the disputed site. In 2000 there was another attempted
eviction of farmers, which was unsuccessful when they closed the highway
Melaque-Puerto Vallarta in protest against the new lawsuits.

In December 2006, in this story of politicians and businessmen against
ejidatarios, was again brought criminal proceedings against the latter, so
surprising, that it was possible the arrest of eight people between 25 to
which they were issued an arrest warrant . From then to date and some died,
others must come to Puente Grande to sign on court every 15 days his


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