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Posted by D on May 9, 2009, 12:12 am, in reply to "Re: plasitco"
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So, you start a program then pass the hard part (picking it all up) onto the Delegado. Then when Mexico is Mexico you point the finger.

I would like to go and see how much plastic is actually being burned, I will be the first to admit my ignorance on this issue.

Basically my "issue" (hate that word) is the legalese in your post. You can't legislate your way to happiness, contentment or a clean environment. Give it up, guilt has very little value here. Your "TECHNICAL AND LEGAL LEVEL" is bull shit, always has been always will be.

You (and all of us) need the new paradigm you mentioned recently. Most important word in that sentence is NEW. As you said "the old paradigm is not working", that old paradigm is your state of the art solutions. Give it up. Please for the sake of the planet and all that is "sacred". God, talk about missing it.

What am I doing to help? On my nightly walks I throw the plastics (which are getting ready to go out to sea with the high tide) further up the beach, giving them more time to be collected before going out to sea. I keep the beach in front of the office clean. Mainly, I may buy 3 plastic bottles a year.

One "new" solution is stop buying it and encourage others to stop buying it until the manufactures stop using it. Possibly separate it just so it does not get burned (recycling being another step). Focus on keeping it out of the ocean.

Please, try not to take my words as a personal attack. I have visions of a better world as you do, I just don't see most of the current cures or legislation as a solution. We need a fundamental change of mind, that won't happen by forcing people. All that does is build resentment.

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