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Re: Scorpion Stings...and Antidote

Posted by Craig Bell on January 9, 2013, 12:00 pm, in reply to "Re: Scorpion Stings...and Antidote"

As was posted, the most poisonous ones are the small light colored ones. One of the signs you are having an allergic reaction serious enough to require the anitodote is a metallic taste in your mouth.
Scorpions tend top be more active at night and the small ones hard to see.
A black light flashlight makes all scorpions glow bright, luminous white in the dark. If you google black light flashlights you will see that Amazon has many models for sale from $8 to $15. Great for those night trips to the bathroom.

A good way to reduce the numbers of scorpions and other insects in your house is to install 3M foam weatherstripping under your doors and along window screen seams. You can but it at Sorriano. It is adhesive on one side. I use the 3/4 inch. It has made a big differance at our house.

Scorpions tend to move along walls. If you place those adhesive bug strips on the floor along walls it will catch scorpions and spiders.

Sorry for any repeat posting of info.

Great tip on going for the Libras as I was stung when I was younger too!

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