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Posted by Carol on September 2, 2008, 1:04 pm, in reply to "Re: I hope to cri...."

Mokita - Why is it that you would experience different opinions as a lack of respect? I think it is the highest form of respect -- that is, it is respectful to believe that others are sufficiently mature to hear other points of view. Surely those of us who have lived in Mexico understand the roots of these traditions -- just as when we live in Africa we understand the roots of traditions such as female mutilation. Traditions, though, effect different people in different ways and so different people have different reactions. The value of exchanges of views and ideas is to understand those points of view and make informed decisions. For example, Mexicans may choose to continue a religious tradition or they may (like Eskimos concerned with the whales going extinct or NW Indians concerned with salmon extinction) forgo a religious tradition to accomplish something else or to reach another end. For examples, some Mexicans like the revenue from tourists or would choose concern for the welfare of others of God's creatures, like birds and pets. Dialogue should not be threatening -- and usually isn't unless (as may be the case for Daniel) there is too much tequila involved at 4 am in the morning. Don't worry, Daniel, we still love you and truly appreciate the message board!!!


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