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Re: Crocs kill dog in Boca

Posted by Irma on May 17, 2009, 4:11 pm, in reply to "Crocs kill dog in Boca"

In answer to "whose responsability it is to put signs up..." It is the responsability of the Director of Ecology of La Huerta which is your county. A letter from concerned neighbors and residents of La Manzanilla and Boca de Iguanas would be far more effective than a letter from the Agente Municipal of La Manzanilla. Elections for new county officials are to take place very soon and candidates right now are very open to make and keep commitments of public safety and ecology. In case they don`t have the funds for signs and fencing, you can raise the funds yourself and put signs up with their permission. We have a similar problems in the newly built "andador" along the Laguna del Tule in Villa Obregon Melaque, and we are getting ready to resolve the problem through a Civil Association since we had no luck with our county in Cihuatlan. Sorry for your famuily Kate and for your dogs.
Irma from Melaque

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