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Re: Crocs kill dog in Boca

Posted by kate cahill on May 17, 2009, 9:54 pm, in reply to "Re: Crocs kill dog in Boca"

Thank you all for your concern and I do appreciate the fact that foreigners that come and live in Mexico go out of their way to make this marvelous country just a little bit more pleasant to live in. There are so many things I love about Mexico, but there are indeed things that happen repetitively which make me want to scream and shout...I wonder why it is that it will have to take maybe a child or an adult to be killed in order for situations to be taken seriously. I hate the fact that the majority of people here don't want to get into things and tell us to mind our own business. I once saw a cow that was caught in the barb wire, she couldn't get out so I spoke to a local guy who told me to mind my own business, there was a reason why they had barb wire up there, cows had to understand they couldn't get out of the field. I understand that but I wonder why people feel like there is no need to do's only an animal point getting into it with the neighbor. Anyway, I do hope this country will continue changing because of people like you. I think that more foreigners should come down so that good can come out of this country, economically and touristically. Again, thank you all for your thoughts. Today we went down to adopt another dog, she is a street dog that was rescued a couple of months ago. She looks nothing like our black lab Mimi, but she will surely be happy with us and Mimi will always be in our hearts...Kate

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