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Re: The Goveror and Villalobos

Posted by diana b on January 5, 2011, 8:59 pm, in reply to "The Goveror and Villalobos"

If and when all avenues for justice and compensation are exhausted, its possible to bring tenacatita to the attention of the inter american human rights commission.

I think a boycott of expo is a great idea but if the rest of the world isn't interested, it won't work. In spite of all our efforts, the tourist industry continues to promote Mexico at the expense of the Mexican people and the environment.

We know that the Gov and Villalobos are greedy and corrupt but what we really need to uncover is their connection to each other and other less reputable players including the judge who ruled in favour of Villalobos.

Is their any truth to the rumour that Villalobos and the gov. are related by marriage? Its almost impossible to find out anything about Villalobos except that he has a private security force, was once Chair of the Guadalajar chamber of commerce, and now heads expo. I have also heard that the gov owns land somewhere in Tenacatita Bay.

What I really want to know is why Villalobos has so much power over elected officials. I can guess at the answer but...

How did he get so much money in the first place? Any guesses?

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