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Re: The Goveror and Villalobos

Posted by Cyberpueblo on January 5, 2011, 10:08 pm, in reply to "Re: The Goveror and Villalobos"

When this first started I did an investigation on Villalobos on the web. He was the president of the Guadalajara chamber of commerce and is the current president of Guadalajara Expo where they are having the XVI Panamerican games next November. The gov is head of that committee and of course Villalobos features large. What trips me out is that in every photo of the two of them Villalobos looks in control and Marquéz looks like a lap dog yearning for a pat. Villalobos' security company, Sepromex, is for some reason hired by the state to do security details even though the state has their own police. No one saw any problem with Villalobos providing security for all his events and paying himself handsomely for it. If you poke hard enough you can often find some neat stuff. Mexican databases are notorious for leaving the security password that came with the program... Long story short. Inmobiliaria Rodenas is not just a real estate company, it is also a general company and dare I say a society. Rodenas was founded November 15, 1985 in Guadalajara. The rats on board are José María Andrés Villalobos, Carmen Andrés Villalobos, and Gabriela García Briseño. The "Society" is Mexican and of "variable capital" and anonymous. The Society is to last 99 years from the signing which was in 1985. It's purpose is to promote, construct, organize, exploit, and participate in the capital and legacy of all manner of mercantile societies, civil associations, industrial businesses or services of any kind both national and international....

Anyway, that is page one of thirty something, most of which looks like it was put out by a bullshit generator. They do have some great clauses like: "If a foreign investor invests in our investments then our investment will be declared void.. WTF?! I need some time to check this out more but I am sure this is more than most of you knew...

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