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Re: sail boat visits Tenacatita

Posted by danny on January 22, 2011, 10:54 am, in reply to "sail boat visits Tenacatita"

A sail boat anchors for a visit, so what? How many people can visit the beach by boat? And the restaurant was taken in the violent bushwacking that occured by Villobos' cronies in the middle of the night. The road is still closed, the governor is still in bed with Villobos, and police the townspeople are still starving. I wonder if these "visit" posts are propaganda put out by the Rodenes Corp. to give the illusion everything at the beach is "fine?" IT IS STILL OCCUPIED BY A DE FACTO POLICE STATE! THe same one that grabbed women by their hair, shot young people with rubber bullits, and clubbed seniors. Just because a boat allegedly "visited" doesn't change a damn thing. Let us NEVER forget what happened that dark August morning when a whole culture was destroyed and the back room deals that have gone on since. Those lives have been damaged forever and who compensates them? Where is Telemundo, CNN, Greenpeace, Etc? All lips are sealed. What a joke, except it's not funny.

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