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Posted by kelly on January 4, 2012, 2:24 pm, in reply to "Re: Canadian man killed in Melaque Tuesday morning"

The reality is we live in a violent world. Period. Every country in the world has an element of violence. We can go over & over in our heads the reasons, rationals, or justifications but wherever it rears it's ugly head it sucks.

My heart goes out to the man who was murdered. My heart goes out to his friends & family. I personally would love to believe that there is some justice available in Mexico. That seems to be what we would all love, to feel safe & happy wherever we are.

My husband & I had a home invasion in Boca de Iguanus on October 7, 2009. We had done nothing to provoke it, we were not drunk, we were not using drugs, we simply were getting ready to go
to the village & see my mom.

The men who fought their way into our home were willing to do whatever it took to get what they wanted. We fought to keep them out, they shot through the door. I was shot, we were overpowered and they got what they wanted. They took our trucks, our money, and our security.

We must be vigilant about our own safety wherever we live. This childish banter regarding countries, as though one is better than another is so silly.

If you don't do the best you can to protect yourself, shame on you. It really dosen't matter where you live. It is your responsibility. When we make a decision to live in another country, we take the responsibility of knowing what the shortcomings are: such as not having 911, hospitals far away, not having the right to bear arms. We choose all of this for the beautiful paradise of Mexico.

I am sad for Mexico that it can't or won't take care of an escalating violence that is out of control. I am sad for the people of the village who are so incredible, they work so hard, they are full of such kindness. This continued violence is going to affect that community and those who choose to visit or live in it.

For the people who are trying to find an answer, I applaud you. For those of you trying to belittle others who are trying to address this serious problem, shame on you.


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