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Re: what do you own ?

Posted by Larry F on September 22, 2012, 10:28 am, in reply to "Re: what do you own ?"

Pros of Owning

1. pride of ownership
2. predictable fixed costs (rent, etc)
3. guaranteed place to stay each year
4. feels like home - all your stuff is there
5. no moving in and out each season
6. no landlord issues
7. freedom to change things, renovate, etc
8. possibility of capital gain when you sell
9. rental income if you can't stay there

Pros of Renting

1. less maintenance work (assuming landlord
fixes things)
2. no worries about real estate values, title
issues, difficulty in selling
3. walk out the door at end of season - no
worries about weather, maintenance, theft
3. possibly cheaper
4. flexibility in travel destinations

As an owner in La Manzanilla, I have no insecurities around titles, ownership, etc. The real estate market is bad here right now, as everywhere, but it will recover. It costs me no more to maintain my home here as it does in Canada or the U.S. And, no, I don't concern myself about the tax man back home.

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