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Christo breaking in to houses at night AGAIN

Posted by Rebecca on May 19, 2008, 5:49 am

I was staying at Santana's Bungalows last night. I wondered what woke me up. Christo (mute/deaf)was in the courtyard at 4:30 AM and ran from me. I came back into the house and noticed right awaw my computer, purse, (Everything) was gone from the dining room table. He came in when we were sleeping. Fred in his room, me in the living room. Had the audacity to take a whole pizza out of the fridge ( found it on the stairs, all eaten) I woke Fred up and told him that my thing had been stolen. We started looking around outside for him and went to the bungalow upstairs, heard a big crash and my bag was there, belongings strewn all over the place PLUS things that did not belong to Fred or I, or Santana. Cell phone, wallet gone, phone book gone. Beware. When is this going to stop? One man crime wave. What if I had been alone in the house?


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