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Re: Compassion

Posted by jean on May 30, 2008, 9:55 am, in reply to "Compassion"

Amy, you should live here for at least a couple of years so you can learn what it really is like. When you are on a vacation it always seems like "paradise",as you are not at work,and are here to enjoy yourself.
However, if you were to live in "paradise"full time,it becomes just another place to live. Don't get me wrong,in my mind,it is a lot better than were I came from,Steamboat Springs,Colorado.
Steamboat used to be a beautiful place, and then people started to move there, building 2nd or 3rd mansions,etc..,which in my opinion,destroyed the place.
La Manzanilla is going that way also.With people,and money,comes problems,it is no different than any place else in that respect.There are probably more breakins,and problems than you care to hear about. When an individual repeatedly steals from people in town,people get tired of it and want to have something done to get rid of the problem.Forget compassion,save it for something else. This person,if caught,needs to be locked up.Period..


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