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Re: Christo breaking in to houses at night AGAIN

Posted by mokita on May 23, 2008, 9:31 am, in reply to "Re: Christo breaking in to houses at night AGAIN"

The way you talk about "mexicans" is always disrespectful you have a history, and some of your friends too.
Any ways things are about to change,not everything is about money in this life specially "gringo money" like some of you said.
the natives are very good people appreciate that, at this point I cosiderate you Daniel as a local mexican you shuold embrace that, is a good thing.
In the 1700's to 1800's a hacienda was ruling la manzanilla, then "la reforma agraria" camealong, when Emiliano Zapata change that and dissolve all the haciendas, and la manzanilla become a ejido, this rich guy trait to control, and take over the town, the locals when into war and a lot a people die, you probably you see a big cross half way to boca de igunas close to the cemetery of la manzanilla where six of the la manzanilla founders where buried, the name of the guy was Rodolfo Paz, evil man who kill hundres of people en the entire region, he was living on the los angeles locos area and he use to kidnap his workers,the ones who tray to quit where kill and buried in his own private graveyard hi was a big time millionere in those days, "this has noting to do with the things are happening rigth now,in la manzanilla, just a Little piece of the la manzanilla rich history"
see you soon!!!.
All yours Mokita.


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