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very rough translation

Posted by Daniel on May 23, 2008, 1:36 am, in reply to "Re: Christo breaking in to houses at night AGAIN"

Hi everyone,

Thank you Raul for your response, I look forward to the day we are all able to communicate clearly, I am sure we have a lot more incommon than we realize.

Below is a very rough machine translation of your post.

Considering the number of people in La Manzananilla who make their living translating and or teaching Spanish I am surprised there is not more voluntary translations on this board.

Adios for now,

Raul's post------

Someone Asked by me and here I am:

I leave a comment in my native language in Spanish with the promise of sending the translation into English as soon as possible who can help translate what we are going to greatly appreciate Cree channel Real
And use my right of reply in this board which went to "politely" invited by Carol, notes the following:

A whole community of chamomile (SIN friend
Distinction as to race flags NI)

Like you I am concerned about the problems of our people and acting in strict sense of fairness I must say that if you have a complaint founded and it is possible to prove Christ on the resort is ideal public prosecutor and police authorities assistant, is wrong and devoid of reason and logic pursued by the self as it is also wrong to label the gift of Christ's attorney, because my job is to serve first reason and then to the customer service that I ask my service, and I said well First to reason therefore personally do not take a case unless I am convinced that my client will attend the truth, that is why on one occasion he actually attended Christ and I could see his innocence of which I am satisfied and at peace with my serve.

But it is also true that Raul fields, the lawyer is also an ordinary citizen who likes to live safely and peacefully and that is a lie that there is no echo nothing to help fix the problem, because on many occasions that he fought Christ was placed in an institution that will help you and few people are concerned that this takes place, by the way, where Carol've been when we tried to solve this, they also say that as a professional law am the first to know and respect the laws as well as private property. The wise words of Don Benito Juárez Garcia who said:

"Between individuals, as between nations, respect for the rights of others is peace".

On the other hand the wrong message and how to communicate and seek support real what I say earlier comments made by the board.

The message: that Raul Campos could actually study through a grant or as our school-educated lawyer and friend Carol what concerns "gringo money" and this merits thanks to my school but it is also true that my professional dignity not sell for any price nor business reason, so the message is wrong when I suggested that I supposedly Carol should serve to help the Americans with my profession, that is wrong RAUL field is a being free in all its decisions and not subject to exclusive nor is servile to someone in specific and this is the same for national (Mexican) or foreigners.

The form: that immediately afterwards, Mrs Carol invites me "courtesy" (after having expressed an opinion, which mentioned earlier) to open a dialogue in seeking solutions, even doubt that my preparation and my professional education will allow me to understand the problem and again is wrong, that in principle accounts dialogues are inviting people in a spirit of compromise and finding solutions to common problems, rather than people even more tense conflicts with their biased comments Then if you doubt my preparation I doubt yours as well, that is proposed as a people in use of reason and his words are very foolish that does not help at all, I repeat YOU where he has been when we seek a solution to Problems, for me, I've been right in the middle seek solutions, alternatives.

Friends all their orders I offer apologies for that clarification was needed but on the other side and I'm ready and I want to help if needed legal information I leave my post here I want my people and I want to secure respect for our people (you all).

DANIEL grace This board is great TE thank your support in the translation and stay at your command


RAUL Alvaro Campos


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