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Posted by amy on May 30, 2008, 11:54 am, in reply to "Re: Compassion"

I actually did live in a house that was broken into there. I don't know who the thief was. I am not condoning this behaviour. I have had my house in Canada broken into as well, and I know the feeling of violation that one feels when that happens. I have been in LaManz enough to know the community quite well. I understand that you live there year round as well as a handful of other gringos. That still does not change the fact that Christo, who was born and raised there has a history of B & E's. The fact that he is continuing to be a problem. He did go to jail when he was very young and I don't see that it helped him or the community.
Can you imagine being born without the ability to communicate? Do you know the isolation that creates? My child was lucky enough to learn sign language and receive hearing aids. Now she is a brilliant adult with a university education and a well paying job. Christo has NO LANGUAGE, not even sign language, and even if he did learn it now, who would he communicate with?
A couple of years ago, he was hanging around in the jardin and socializing as much as he was able while he was working with a local contractor. He seemed happy and he was keeping out of trouble.
I don't see him as a bad person, he is only doing the best he can with what he has. Apparently many gringos in LaManz do have a life style that can support a beautiful home on the beach or a brand new one on the hill.
Why doesn't one of these people take Christo under their wing, or look at it as a project, and give him the support that it takes to teach him language and give him an education so that he can be a productive part of the community that you love so much.
Don't send him back to jail. He has been damaged enough. HELP HIM, not hurt him.


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