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Translations of Raul Campos message

Posted by Mari on May 23, 2008, 1:26 pm, in reply to "Note to Raul"

Hello everyone,

I am not a professional translator, but I felt the urge to try my best to translate this for all of you.}


No soy la mejor traductora, y no es mi profesión. Pero quise ayudarte, y le eché muchas ganas.

Someone asked for me and here I am:

I am leaving a comment in my native language Spanish with the promise to send the translation in English as soon as I can get someone to help me translate it. I would appreciate it. LET’S CREATE REAL CHANNELS OF COMMUNICTION

And in use of my right of replica in this board in which I was “kindly” invited by Carol, I manifest the following:

Just as all of you do I also worry about the problems of our town, and acting with written sense of impartiality I should manifest that if you all have a founded complain and that can be proved, about CRISTO the ideal instance is the Public Department and the assistant police authorities, it’s ironic and lacking of reason and logic to baby-sit him just like it is ironic to give myself the label of CRISTO’S lawyer, well my profession is at service of the first at right and after that to service of the client, that solicits my service, and I have said correctly, first at the reason, personally I do not take a case if I am not convinced that my client is stating the truth, that is why I effectively, at one occasion assisted CRISTO and I was able to prove his innocence of which I feel satisfied and in peace with my acts.

But it is also true that RAUL CAMPOS, the lawyer is also a common and simple citizen that likes to live with security and in peace and that it is a lie that I did nothing to help fix the problem, in multiple occasions I have struggled so that CRISTO can be put in a institution that will help him, and they is a small amount of people interested in this happening, by the way, Carol where have you been when we’ve tried to resolve this, also I tell you that like a professional of rights I am the first to recognize and respect the laws just like the private property. Wise words of Don Benito Juarez which are:

“Between individuals, just like between the Nations, the respect to the others rights is the peace”

On another note, we mistook the message, and the form of communication and looking for a real assistance, the previous I state because of the discharged comments on the board.

THE MESSAGE: That effectively RAUL CAMPOS was able to study thanks to a scholarship, and like our counsel and educated friend Carol referred to as “GRINGO MONEY” and this thanks to my school merits but it is also true that my professional dignity I do not sell for any price nor I negotiate the reason, therefore the message is ironic when Carol suggests that I supposedly should serve to help the Americans with my profession, she is wrong because RAUL CAMPOS is a free person in all his decisions and is not subject to exclusive nor is servile to someone is specific, and this is the sane for national (Mexicans) or foreigners.

THE FORM: Why immediately after, Mrs. Carol invites me “Courteously” (after manifesting her opinion, in which she mentions with previously) to an open dialogue in search of solutions, even doubts that my professional preparation and my education permits me to understand the problem, and once again is wrong, because first of all to the dialogues you invite people which encourage to reconcile, and in search of solutions to the common problems, and not people that tense up the conflicts with their tendentious comments, after if you doubt of my preparation, permit me to doubt of yours also, because it is proposed like a person in use of the reason and its words are very stubborn, that does not help in anything, I repeat WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN WHEN WE HAVE LOOKED FOR A SOLUTION TO THE PROBLEM, BECAUSE I, I HAVE BEEN FAIR IN LOOKING FOR ALTERNATIVE SOLUTIONS.

Friends to all I am at your orders. I offer my apologies for the clarification but it was necessary, on another note, I am ready and I can and want to help if you want legal information I will leave my email I like my town and I want it safe, I respect our people ( all of you)

Have a great day!



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