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Re: Empty Compassionate Promises

Posted by Rebecca on June 1, 2008, 2:20 pm, in reply to "Re: Compassion"

Amy, whoever you are. This community, Mexican and "gringo" have for a very long time, and ARE doing their best to find a constructive resolution to the problem. YOU, with your wise words from far away are not helping. Piss or get off the pot. Christo is not fully deaf, has the ability to say my name. Can hear someone come up behind him as I did. Everyone has tried to give him work, take him under their wing blah blah blah. He has serious anger problems and needs psychiatric professional help. His family doesn't care about him one ounce, the police never showed up at all. He is a small indication of a larger problem. If I hear I more POOR CHRISTO..... who's running around with my grandmother's jewellery and my mother's wedding rings. He could easily pay for his own rehab with that. If you are so concerned do something besides write on the board. I have been able to communicate with Christo with no problem for years as have many of his employers "gringos". This is an individual who CHOOSES to commit criminal acts. He's not brain dead. He's a thief. Sadly, one day he may break into the wrong household and someone is going to get hurt. I choose to be part of the community here and do my utmost to help with community projects, volunteer, ACTUALLY learn Spanish and interact. Where are U?


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