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Posted by Amy on May 29, 2008, 12:46 pm, in reply to "Re: Translations of Raul Campos message"
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I have loved spending my winters in LaManz
However, the hatred and anger shown on this board is very upsetting. I have also witnessed gringo against gringo in a very distructive "chisme" way while being in the lovely small town. In paradise, people should be feeling love and compassion you would think...
As for Christo, I have also known of him and have met him several times. When he was working he seemed happy and kept himself out of trouble.
He is deaf and dumb, he has no education, he has never been given any means of communication. I am a mother of a deaf child, who could not talk or communicate until she was given hearing aids and taught sign language. At 3 years of age she was angry and frustrated because she was not able to communicate. She was lucky, she was given help, she learned to talk, go to school and just graduated university at 21 years of age. What help has Christo been given??? Have any of you taken him under your wing to give him a chance for anything in life other than the life of crime???
If you truly care about LaManz and your quality of life, then embrace your community, (the community in which Christo grew up in) and offer to help him become a productive citizen. Jail is NOT the answer!!


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