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Note to Raul

Posted by carol on May 23, 2008, 12:42 pm, in reply to "Christo breaking in to houses at night AGAIN"

When you were representing Christo/his father, I suggested that you take the lead in having stolen items returned to their owners. You made no response and did nothing, so far as I know, to attempt to interact positively with those who were attacked or had items stolen. Instead, like many lawyers, you did what you were paid to do -- got Christo into an alternative to jail in P.V.

So, how do you think folks feel about your skills when everyone, including Christo, is back where we were before you acted at all? It is not that returning the items or talking with victims would have changed where we are with Christo at the moment, but it certainly would have changed how people feel about you -- the would have seen you you as someone who could be part of the solution and not simply, someone who was shortsighted and self-interested.

God is good, though and now you have a new opportunity to become part of the solution.

Why not take the lead in talking with your client to facilitate Christo getting work or talking to your client about getting someone who can keep an eye on (and control) Christo at night?


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