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Re: Proposal from Villalobos

Posted by Don on February 4, 2011, 5:15 pm, in reply to "Re: Proposal from Villalobos "

You are right about name calling but I call them as I see them. This man has no compaction for the working people of Mexico or he would not have done what he has done. When is enough power and money enough. Right or wrong you do not treat people the way that he has. Calling people names is what he seems to be good at like calling the people of Tenacatita and Rebalsito pendejo's is a good example. We all know that he is corrupt and the Governor is in his back pocket. He thinks that if he drags this out and waits long enough the people that he is starving out will just go away. I may not be Mexican but I won't just stand by and do or say nothing when people's very lives are at stake. We all forget sometimes that this is not just about land this is about people and the injustus done to them. No matter what the reason. More people need to get fired up over this. There is nothing more important than this to the people that have no home or lively hood. Think how you would feel no matter what the reason if your home and way of life was taken from you.
Tenacatita, Rebalsito VIVE!

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